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Marktplatz 60plus: Starting Again

The Forum Luzern60plus, comprises of around 60 members who all belong to the 60-plus generation, is organising its fourth marketplace in the Kornschütte (City Hall) in Luzern.

This year 30 participating organisations will present their portfolio of volunteering opportunities targeting the 60+plus generation. Our very own SIVO will be in attendance and Evelin will be on hand to help answer any questions that you might have.

What is Forum Luzern60plus?

It is around 60 members, aged 60 plus that form the Forum – people with diverse life experiences and in different life situations. The forum is used by the City Council and is politically and denominationally independent. It represents the interests of the elderly while commenting on relevant topics. It is in discussion with key people from the administration – from politics and public service – that helps to raise awareness on important social issues through both events and critical constructive discussions.

The organisation of the Forum is a committee of up to seven members, who are elected at the proposal of the Forum by the City Council, each for a term of four years. The marketplace also serves as a meeting place and networking opportunities for people of all ages. Over 1,000 people have visited the Marktplatz to date.


Marktplatz 60plus – Starting Again

The event will take place this Saturday (14th May) from 09:00 – 17:00. Many people from the older generation want to bring their knowledge and experiences to the social and cultural life of the city. They wish to become more engaged and to tackle a new project which is the goal of the event. The entire programme for the Marktplatz 60plus is available here.

Martin Merki, City Council and Social Director will be making his remarks at 10:00. A series of short presentations where volunteers will share their experience on how it was and what it meant to start all over again will be taking place throughout day.

There will be two tours in English taking place during the day the first one at 11:00 with the second later at day at 14:00. To sign-up for the tour then you should contact Evelin Bermudez by no later than 3pm Friday 13th May.