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A winter wonderland at the Hofgut Sternen


Traditions and customs are something very special. In our fast-living world they force us to stop, slow down and remember the way it used to be…

We, the Drubba Family and the Hofgut Sternen, in the beautiful Highlands of the Black Forest, are aware of traditions, we want to keep them alive and show them off to our guests so that they are able to become familiar with and love the place where we live.


For this reason we offer a lot of attractions here in the Hofgut Sternen, not merely the hotel itself. The art of glass-blowing was an important handicraft in the Black Forest and today our two glass artists manufacture modern, unique objects made of glass and glass jewellery, in our Atelier which is open to the public. These articles belong to our own brand “STERNEN GLAS”. In the KuckucksNest an excellent selection of legendary Black Forest Cuckoo clocks are to be found and in the SteigenHaus, we offer exclusively products Made in Germany and collaborate with manufacturers from the Black Forest and other parts of Germany.


Even in regard to the energy needed to light and heat the Hofgut Sternen, we look to past centuries and to the principle of self-sufficiency of the Black Forest. In our EnergieWerk we are able to produce the energy needed for the complete Hofgut Sternen by utilizing local and renewable energy sources, such as sunlight, water and wood, thus keeping nature intact and looking to the future and future generations!

At what other time of year, do we start to thinking more about traditions and customs? – this usually happens at Christmas time. Each country in the world has special customs to celebrate Christmas. Here in Germany Christmas is the most important time of the year, which is why at the Hofgut Sternen we are particularly looking forward to making the Christmas Season a really special time.

It is an old custom here in Germany to decorate the houses and streets from the first Advent Sunday onwards with branches of fir trees, Christmas-tree decorations and candles. We look forward to decorating the hotel every year with twinkling lights and Christmas cheer, making the hotel look cheerful and welcoming, especially if it snows!

During this time, the traditional Christmas Markets open all over Germany and directly behind the hotel, under the Ravenna Viaduct, you can visit one of the most romantic Christmas Markets in the Black Forest, open on all 4 Advent weekends before Christmas. Here you can enjoy traditional hot wine punch and tasty specialties from our region as well as all kinds of Christmas articles to warm your heart.


In order that you are able to enjoy the spirit of Christmas and our traditional Christmas customs, we now offer a special Christmas arrangement, ideal to get away from it all or as a special gift for someone dear.


  • 3 nights
  • generous breakfast buffet – until noon at the weekend and on holidays!
  • 4-course dinner as part of the half-board arrangement
  • Festive menus on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day
  • Participation in the daily guest program
  • Black Forest Guest Card – with which you can enjoy over 70 activities in the region free-of-charge
  •  € 273,–  per person (Standard room, an upgrade is possible with supplementary cost)
Bookings for this offer from: 22.12.2016-28.12.2016

This includes our Christmas background program that you can find on our homepage. For more information, please contact us:

Hofgut Sternen, Höllsteig 76, 79874 Breitnau/Germany, Tel: +49 (0)7952-9010 ,


We wish you a Merry Christmas – the team of Hofgut Sternen.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.