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Fried Spring Rolls with Spicy Sauce from

This month I thought it might be fun to try a Fried Spring Roll recipe from Coop@Home. Just in case you can’t fly away to South East Asia or don’t even want to leave your cozy home for take-out this recipe will satisfy your taste buds for the tropics. Sometimes on snowy winter days I wish I were someplace else. Someplace warm and tropical that serves food wrapped in rice paper and cooked in hot oil. Fried food is a guilty pleasure, and sometimes I just have to indulge in a little comfort food.  You can find links to Spring Rolls with Spicy Sauce recipe here, and a list of all the ingredient you will need. I am always happy to see the ethnic food selections here in Switzerland expanding.

Some things to prepare ahead:

  1. This recipe calls for chicken to be marinated in lime juice and soy sauce before it’s ready to assemble. Take into account the extra marinade time.
  2. This recipe also requires you to pre cook the veggies inside the spring rolls before cooking. I think this is really effective in cutting down on some of the extra water in the veggies that usually causes them to splatter popping oil all over my cook-top and myself if I am close by.
  3. You will need time for the filling to cool as well so take into account of this, and DO NOT heat your oil first thing like the recipe says. I ended up turning my oil off because it was at smoke point and I was nowhere near ready to start cooking.


The most difficult part of the recipe comes when you have to soften the rice paper in hot water and then roll up the spring rolls. I used hot water from my kettle and poured just a little on a shallow plate. Then I placed one dried rice paper disc into the hot water and immediately it began to soften. It takes a little trial and error to get the timing on this right. You don’t want to leave them very long or they will get soggy from soaking up too much water. When that happens, they tear too easily. Another tendency is to fill them too much before you roll them up. If the rice paper is soften perfectly it should not feel so wet and slimy. You may have to let it dry for a minute before rolling so that it gets a little firm and sticky. Once it is ready simply fill, and roll like a burritos – see below.

Spring Roll, roll guide

I read that the perfect temperature for frying spring rolls is 350 F or 176.6 C. It is best to check with a thermometer. Once you have a few rolled you can begin frying. Be careful to try not to touch the rice paper too much during frying I find that it wants to stick to utensils until its crispy. I think using chopsticks to gently roll it over in the pan was the best method. And finally in the end of cooking I retrieved them with a wire mesh spoon that is perfect for fried food because it allows the oil to drain AND it doesn’t melt.


Once the spring rolls are golden brown and crispy take them out of the hot oil and place them on some layered paper towels to absorb any oil. The easy-to-make dipping sauce is delicious and these are great served along side of your favorite asian recipe or as an appetizer or party food.



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