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In the news – February 17

Extra flights in Emmen:

If you live in or near to Emmen you are aware that there is an airport there which is mainly used by the military. Currently there are an average 3500 flights per year, due to the closing of the airport in Sion, military flights are being diverted to Payenne, Meiringen and Emmen. This means that we can expect air traffic to increase by another 3000 flights a year. This will mainly be F5 fighter jets and PC-21 planes. Aware that the airport is very close to residential areas, they plan to close it 4 weeks during the summer holidays and try to minimise the sound nuisance. Not sure how you can minimise the sound of a fighter jet taking off though… to be followed.

Musegg Car Park:

The debate around the Musegg Car Park continues, now the town council now admitting that this car park could be a solution to the problem of coaches overcrowding downtown Lucerne. All of this came to light after the Luzerner Zeitung disclosed that the town council had commissioned a study to be made whether this car park would be a viable solution; the study came back saying that it was indeed a very good solution, but it seems as if members of the town council did not share this information with the members of parliament back in December when it was decided not to go forward with this car park. The study will be made available on March 6th. Lucerne may end up with another car park after all, but remember the town council would then eliminate the equivalent numbers of parking spots downtown to discourage more people to drive into Lucerne.

Mall of Switzerland:

The Mall of Switzerland will be the second largest mall in Switzerland, built over 65 000 square metres with over 150 shops and restaurants and parking possibilities for 1600 cars, it promises to be quite the shopping experience. Currently though work has stopped in the car park over some safety issues, but this probably is just a small blip for this mega project which will open its doors on September 28th. One cool attraction will be its indoor surfing wave, where beginners and advanced surfers which will be open all year round! We will keep you updated.

Natur Museum forced to collaborate with the Gletscher Museum

In an effort to save money the town council has told the Nature Museum that it will need to collaborate with the Glacier Museum. Both parties only just found out that this is what the town has decided and they are starting talks in order to see what this may exactly mean for their respective futures. The nature museum has been waiting for 16 years now for funds to be freed for its refurbishment, which will cost 12 million francs. However now the money will not be freed up until the two museums can work out some sort of collaboration. To be continued.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.



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