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In the news – February 23

Today is the day after the day before! And what a day it was, with balmy temperatures and a glorious sunshine you were forgiven for thinking that the Fasnachtler needn’t bother to try and chase winter away.  36 000 people got up extra early (including your dedicated Living in Luzern team) to welcome the new Fasnacht season and the day truly was one big party. Today is about resting before joining celebrations in the neighbouring villages this weekend and starting all over again in downtown Luzern Monday and Tuesday so forgive us if the news is a tad short.

After the Tagwach Urknall at 5 a.m. and the confetti shower a little while later the next official event was the afternoon procession. The most common theme found in it was about the Hotel Schweizerhof colourful windows. A “Plan Lumière” was put forward in 2006 and is being implemented until the end of this year. It seems as if the town council  feels that the colourful lights adorning the windows of the Schweizerhof are not in line with their vision for a more ecological and environment friendly lighting concept and should be turned off. The hotel disagrees and are taking their case to the courts. One procession cart depicted this as an epic Star Wars battles with Jedi fighting town employee storm troopers.

An other local theme represented was suggesting that due to global warming the lake will soon rise and we will need gondoliers to take us from place to place downtown. The rest of the floats were focusing on death, mutants and the slaying of mythical creatures, all a little dark and dismal on this bright and sunny day but still worth the 3 hour standing around especially as for the first time in my memory my feet managed to stay warm during the procession!!

The new security programme which included closing off certain accesses to streets and a larger number of policemen seems to have paid off. Despite an large increase in revellers the event went quite smoothly. Only one pickpocket was arrested (and seems to be well known by the police), other arrests were for mainly for drunken behaviour and being disorderly (although at Fasnacht I’m not sure what that would mean…). So day 1 was a success let’s hope that the other 2 days are as much fun!


If you want to watch some more processions, the Kriens procession will be on Saturday starting at 10.30 with a Gugge church service, and a children’s procession at 14.00 and a ball at 20.30.



On Luzern THE Fasnacht ball is without a doubt the Vikinger Powernight at the Hotel Schweizerhof (starting at 19.00)

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.



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