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Supersheroes day – It’s time to celebrate the power of the freedom to share & learn.

Ladies, be ready – March 12th,Living in Luzern’s home, LiLi Centre goes one step further with the launch of the new “Supersheroes” programme, which will include one year of different events, themes, workshops and projects. As you know last month, LiLi Centre had its first successful event “Wellness day”, now we proudly present the “Supersheroes Day“ on March 12th.

With this project the LiLi Centre’s goal is to empower women to be independent, grow and learn, be empowered to seek their goals and dreams, or simply learn tips and tricks that can help to achieve better self confidence, skills, career opportunities in Switzerland.

You can find the full the programme at LiLi Centre page.

11:00 – Meet & Greet
11.30 – Workshop “Reimagine your Professional Identity” By Dr Brandi Eijsermans
13.00 – Brunch by Ottilie from Nourished:

Nourished by Otillie will be serving up a trio of hearty and healthy salads that will make you feel great and power through the super-hero workshop.  -thai kohlrabi and cabbage slaw with with apple and crushed peanuts -shaved zucchini with couscous and chilli-lemon ricotta -slow-roasted balsamic tomatoes with spelt pasta, porcini and ricotta  -orange blossom and yoghurt cake  – raw cocoa raspberry tart  Otillie is a self-taught cook, born and raised in Australia, now based in Luzern running her food collective ‘Nourished by Otillie Kunz’. Her food  explores multi-cultural tastes of the world, dishes incorporate seasonal and local ingredients, inspired for eating clean and nourishing your body.   “nothing brings people together like sharing good food”

14.00 – Workshop “Waking Up your Creative Self” by Maria Samara
15.00 – Networking
16.00 – End of event

Moreover, LiLi Centre is happy this March to share the worldwide recognised exhibition of the social project #Supersheroes. We want to share different creative ways to speak up about women issues and show different ways to work on social projects. This month we are inspired by the young independent project Moterys kalba (en. Women Speak). We are happy to start this cultural exchange and share experiences.

More about Moterys kalba (en. Women speak) and exhibition #supersheroes

WOMEN SPEAK (Moterys kalba) is a Lithuanian grassroots movement of 5 passionate members working towards equality, social justice and empowerment of women. The main responsibility was to create social projects to build up the awareness about the situation around us and start the dialogue with non-governmental organisations and society at large. In 2016 the Women Speak project was nominated for “Gender Equality” nomination, and won.

All of their projects #manyofus #supersheroes #wewomen got worldwide recognition, were featured in such media channels as Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Mic, Bored Panda, Elite Daily and other localised sites in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Malaysia etc.


Women Speak recruited 5 women, who were staying at Vilnius Crisis Centre, to pose in a photoshoot dressed as supersheroes. The goal of this project was to show that women who choose to leave their abusive partners, are strong and inspiring: they can become role models for other women, who still are suffering violence and abuse. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 1 in 3 of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime. However, most of this violence is abuse by intimate partner. This is why it is very important to empower women to take action and leave abusive relationships before it is too late.

Edita, mother of 6, left her abusive partner: “I MIGHT EVEN RUN FOR PRESIDENT”. You should never accept humiliation or suffer violence. There is a different life out there – brighter, more beautiful, full of hope. We are stronger than men. I truly believe that in every cloud there is a silver lining and there’s always a solution to every problem.

Viktorija, mother of 5, left her abusive partner: “A WOMAN IS NOT AN OBJECT”. The first time your partner is abusive, speak up and tell your family and friends. A woman is not an object, she does not have to rely on other people’s opinions about her. She can say no to the abuse by refusing to be a victim.

Elena, mother of 3, left her abusive partner: “I AM NOT A VICTIM, I AM A WARRIOR”. You will get your confidence back when you exit an abusive relationship. A lot of women come to a crisis centre having suffered physical abuse. But there is psychological abuse too. And sometimes it’s even worse, because it is harder to deal with the invisible consequences of it.

Kristina, mother of 2, left her abusive partner: “ SPEAK UP”.

The longer you live in an abusive environment, the harder it is to get out. But it is never too late to leave, even if you have 5 children. Zita, mother of 2, left her abusive partner: “I’M NO LONGER A VICTIM”. There are women who spend their entire lives in violent relationships: they blame others, they whine, they victimise themselves. Take action! Sometimes you bounce highest when you hit rock bottom.

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