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Get fit for a cause at the LiLi Centre – it starts here!

The adage goes that “summer bodies are made in winter” but we know that healthy bodies are made all year round!

With those words ringing in our ears and the knowledge that spring is the best time to make changes to our lifestyle we have decided to launch two months of getting fit at the LiLi Centre with our fitness partners. We know (from personal experience) how difficult it is to get motivated so we are offering a double motivation, not only working to improving our health with other people just like us, but also to work towards a cause.

The Stadtlauf in Lucerne will take place on April 29th , this event is very much geared towards amateur runners with categories including families, silly runs and team running. That is the category we want to join and run together a distance of 7.2 k.m. This seems like a very doable distance when you see that last Monday 7 potato couches (this includes me) managed to run 3.2 k.m. in 20 minutes and live to tell the tale!!

But running without a purpose doesn’t seem enough of a motivator, so we have decided to join forces with Just Running: a group created to raise money for the charity No More Walking. The money raised will go towards helping unaccompanied minors refugees in Europe. Last year the group Just Cycling managed to raise €25 000, Just Running is hoping to equal or go better then that. We will sign up as a team and try to raise as much money as possible. Be sure to sign up here if you are interested in taking part.

Together with our partners we have put an amazing programme to help us achieve our (and hopefully your) goal of becoming healthy and helpful at the same time.

Running groups

Monday morning 8.30 with physiotherapist and marathon/ironman runner Samuele Fenu. Samuele coaches us to make sure that we run well and breathe correctly.

Tuesday evening 18.30 with enthusiastic runner and boot camp leader Marco Taddei. For those who can’t run in the morning then join Marco for an evening run.

We also run Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8.30 to stay motivated and fit. We meet at the LiLi Centre a few minutes before, showers are available, bring your own soap and towels.


Our partner CrossFit Luzern is offering a free CrossFit session this coming Saturday and 11 in their studio. Please sign up early as places are limited


Martyna Syguda is continuing her evening yoga class on Wednesday evening at 20.00 and will start a new morning yoga class on Thursday 23 at 8.45. Email her if you would like to attend her class.


We have 2 new Pilates classes starting you can join Rhadika Lockhart for a Friday morning class starting March 24 at 8.45 until 9.45. More information here.

We will also be soon starting a Business Pilates class on Thursdays during the lunch hour (more details soon).

Mom in Balance

Mom in Balance will be offering 3 workshops on Sunday morning focusing on helping us get fit to run. More details to follow shortly.

Indigo Fitness

The Fitness Studio in Lucerne is offering a free training sessions you can sign up on their website here.


Constanze Herrmann from #constanzlywellicious will be offering us nutrition advice and challenging us to a 10-day shred detox.


And if after all of that getting fit you need a bit of pampering or sore points need tenderizing again then we have the right people for you.

Samuele Fenu is a physiotherapist and masseur who offers fantastic massages at the LiLi centre by appointment on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday. You can book here.

Hedwig van Ingen is a therapist for well being offering massages (including soothing hot stone) Tuesdays at the LiLi Centre, book here.


So there you have it, now all you need to do is make the commitment and join us by signing up to join the race here.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.



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