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Lawyers and Notary

Lil Partner | Studhalter & Pfister Rechtsanwälte

The Studhalter & Pfister team, led by partners Dr. Philipp Studhalter and Dr. Heidi Pfister-Ineichen, is specialised in working with international clients and supporting them with their legal needs.

We are personal, solution-oriented and cost conscious, engaging with our clients to analyse their legal situations and ensure that they receive the best value and legal protection.

Our experienced team’s practice areas include the following:

  • Marriage, Family & Cohabitation Law
  • Construction, Real Estate and Tenancy Law
  • Employment Law
  • Business Law
  • Inheritance Law
  • Banking Law and Anti-Money Laundering
  • Settlement & Naturalisation Services

Please contact us at 041 367 8060 or visit our homepage to learn more about the services we offer.