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Lil Partner | Optimal Wellness Global

Optimal Wellness Global specialises in individuals and families living outside their country of origin to help them find optimal wellness in their global lifestyle.

Lil Partner | Rainbow Mind Sabine Leitner de Potter

Rainbow Mind is a coaching and training company devoted to helping people reduce stress and improve integral health – body, mind and soul – by offering mindfulness-based interventions. For individuals, groups and organisations. Live and online.


Lil Partner | Hedwig Van Ingen 

Holistic therapist located in Luzern (respiratory therapy, body psychotherapy, symbolic work and nutritional science).

Lil Partner | Samuele Fenu

Massage and sport therapist Samuele Fenu has been treating patients for the last 15 years including those with physical syndrome, scar, anxiety, insomnia, headaches and other muscular or soft tissue disorders.

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