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The new world of cars at Transport Museum

A couple of weeks ago we had a great opportunity to check out the newly transformed and freshly renovated Road Transport Hall at the Swiss Transport Museum and, oh my Transport Gods, what a sight! It’s official, we have second favourite place where we can spend hours. Well, at least some of our team for sure. Let’s be honest, we are simply fans of The Swiss Museum of Transport and started to be since the first time we got there. You already can feel it.

Do you know that you are able to take as many pictures as you want there?!?!? I (Lina, team member of Living in Luzern) am in Switzerland since October and never had this experience before – take photos at the museum. My job is content development – so, to know this was as Christmas gift! But, enough about me.

New space. Decorated with numerous road signs, the well-known road transport hall at the Swiss Museum of Transport has welcomed a new exhibition. A new mezzanine houses an extensive display of two- and three-wheeled vehicles. The first floor is home to a large-scale presentation of the former Swiss car brand ‘Monteverdi’. SEE YOU, the mirror world presented by the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (bfu), is designed to draw in the crowds on the ground floor.

The exhibitions housed on three floors in the Road Transport Hall have been comprehensively refreshed. The focus is on large numbers of historical as well as up-to-the-minute vehicles, whose fascinating designs can be admired at close quarters. The new exhibition also attaches great importance to the experience and the interactive aspect. First and foremost, the exhibition addresses families with broad interests.  You must check out the time laps:

We buzzed around for a couple of hours and we were still able to find something new there to check. It’s a great area not only for kids, but also for adults. You will loooove the wall of cars and technical solutions to move them in around. Gorgeous cars!  On the ground floor we met Angel and we lost ourselves in space. L i t e r a l l y. But the fun is that you are not the only one. Everybody is happy, chatting and showing each other the way. So, your next step is to check out our video, and plan your trip to Swiss transport museum.

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