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How to Warm up for Running: 5 steps

A few weeks ago, right before the marathon, we filmed a short lesson of “warm up for running”. We are happy to have on board & collaborate with our amazing massage therapist Samuele who helped us with easy little steps. Enjoy & if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write us. We can prepare even more short videos!

Also, check out Samuele’s home page & find out more about how to treat your body in a healthy way! Huge thanks to Zoe too, for trust and participation!

For 6 years my work role is to implement the creative vision across a broad range of digital projects. I support teams to ensure that the portfolio, vision of the brand, tasks of the projects are planned and managed effectively. I collaborate with sales, creative and marketing teams, internal and external clients to translate their “messages”, “visions” and needs into successful storytelling. Living in Luzern is my key to new culture, media, and communication - I am creating my own story in Switzerland the way I know best - storytelling and sharing my own experience.



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