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Luzerner Theater presents Tanz  24: Timeless

A review by Francesca Duchesne


Tanz 24’s latest production of “Timeless” can only be described as just that, Timeless.  As I sat down in my seat and eagerly anticipated the first act, I wondered how they would represent the concept of timelessness through dance without drawing upon the common clichés of space or aging. Concepts that have been drown on time and time again. The lights finally went out and from the moment the music began (a kind of mellow trance music), I found myself subtly transported through time…alternating between what can only be described as gladiatorial robots, morphing into a scifi version of the fight of the matadors… The grace, movement and ingenuity of this performance has even left me remembering it with awe days later.  Once your mind has finished reeling from act one, act 2 brings you firmly back to reality. Clever choreography portrays how we as humans have a tendency to relive and re-enact events, and by using the minimal number of dancers Tanz 24 successfully captures the concept of the subconscious as being timeless. Each act will present you with a totally new conceptual challenge and act 3 is no exception. I found myself watching what seemed like a surreal and somewhat sinister version of Fasnacht, with masked dancers that were both comical one moment and then all at once sinister and oppressive. The audience is then tenderly allowed to witness the timelessness of love, where the dancers dance so tenderly at times that it almost makes you feel like your presence there is intruding upon them.

The dance technique and choreography, like its title suggests is out of this world. It was innovative, original, challenging and graceful. In particular, in reference to act 1, I don’t think I have ever seen both male and female dancers have the ability to equally move with such grace and strength; it was often hard to distinguish between the sexes, which was both refreshing and mesmerising at the same time.

The production was so un-stereotypical that it was a breath of fresh air and a credit to both the dancers and choreographers. So if you want to be blown away by some of the best choreography I’ve seen for a while and dancers that will leave you envying their every move, get yourself down to Luzerner Theater and check out Tanz 24’s ‘Timeless’!

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.