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In The News – July 2

Prepare for chaos! As of Monday the Seebrücke will be undergoing a 3 week rejuvenation cure. This means that it will be partially closed entailing traffic jams and delays on the bus routes. You’ll be better off using a bike (if you haven’t already, get your CHF 1.- Next Bike pass) or walking downtown.

It was a PR joke that went around the world. End of May the village of Bergün put up signs forbidding scenic photographs being taken of its village and surroundings as this could gravely distress people who weren’t able to enjoy the scenic mountain area. Anyone caught taking a picture would be fined CHF 5.-. Obviously a joke and a good one as now many people in the world know that Bergün exists. However the canton is debating whether to take the village to court for abuse of power because of the threat of fines. The debate would be whether each village can make up its own laws. This PR stunt may yet prove to be costly.

No joke but causing quite a scandal, it has been revealed that the SwissLife call centre strongly suggests that its foreign employees use Swiss sounding pseudonyms instead of revealing their real (foreign sounding) names. So an “Ivanovic” will be calling himself “Stefan Müller” in order to instill confidence in the caller.

Local MSD employees got an unexpected “vacation” this week, as their company was one of the many companies worldwide to fall victim to the Wannacry virus, forcing all company computers to be shut down until the virus has been cracked.

Finally something to look forward to on August 11 & 12 Luzern will be one of four cities in Switzerland to welcome the SlideMyCity ride. This 200 meter slide will be installed in the Stuldhadenstrassen. We highly recommend you buy your tickets now for an hour long of fun!

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.



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