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Cheers, time for beer!

The sun is shining, it’s getting warmer, the flowers are blooming ….. Spring is here!  It’s the time for good food and beer! As the weather improves, people venture outdoors to explore, find great places to visit and somewhere to quench their thirst.

Did you know there are now over 700 active breweries in Switzerland and beer diversity is increasing all the time with a growing number of micro and small breweries opening. In the Canton of Luzern, there are 34 breweries – yes, 34, with 5 breweries situated in the city of Luzern – all offering a variety of different beers.

Of course the one that everyone knows is the Heineken Switzerland (Eichhof) brewery.  This was founded in 1834 and has been owned by Heineken since 2008.   They have 13 different types of beer including 3 non-alcoholic beers (great for those of us who end up driving all the time!).  During the week you can take a 2.5 hour tour around the brewery including a snack and, of course, some beer tasting.

Braubär, Luzern.  This brewery was founded in 2016 and started brewing in 2017.  It is a small brewery located in the heart of Luzern offering two different varieties of their “Braubär”, an Amber Ale and an Imperial IPA.

Brauerei Sutton.  A local expat brewing Swiss Real Ales using all-grain English real ale brewing methods.  Using malted barley sourced from the Warminster Maltings in England, a wide variety of hops and pure Swiss water, they currently offer 5 Ales including a Swiss Chocolate Porter Ale and an Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

Krügelbier, Luzern.  Founded in 2008 and the brewer of 16 different breeds of beer in 2016, this local brewery even has an annual subscription where beer lovers can join an exclusive list of members who benefit from monthly beer deliveries and invites to special events such as workshops and beer trips.

Kulturhofbrauerei Hintermusegg, Luzern.  Not only the venue for the first Luzern Beer Festival, they also brew their own musegg beer, offering 3 varieties.

Luzerner Bier, Luzern.  Founded in 2009 Luzerner Bier currently brew 6 different beers along with a series of 3 new beers entitled Handwerk.  They offer a 2 hour tour of the premises with an insight as to how beer is brewed.  The tour includes beer degustation, white sausages and pretzels.

There are also 2 restaurants located in the city who also brew beer – The Rathaus Brauerei who brew their own house beer and special beers dependent upon the season and the Stadtkeller who have a selection of 2 beers.

Lots to try out within the city, with even more in the Canton if you get that far!

For 6 years my work role is to implement the creative vision across a broad range of digital projects. I support teams to ensure that the portfolio, vision of the brand, tasks of the projects are planned and managed effectively. I collaborate with sales, creative and marketing teams, internal and external clients to translate their “messages”, “visions” and needs into successful storytelling. Living in Luzern is my key to new culture, media, and communication - I am creating my own story in Switzerland the way I know best - storytelling and sharing my own experience.



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