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Believe us when we tell you that it is possible to go from being a couch potato to a fit runner in 6 weeks! If our team was able to do it then so can you.

Here is some advice by physiotherapist and accomplished runner Samuele Fenu:

There are 3 important rules to remember:

  1. Train gradually,
  2. Train regularly,
  3. Take note (and pride) in your progression.

The only piece of equipment that you need to start with are good running shoes.

For a total beginner start by walking gradually at least 30’/40′ at least 3 times a week.

After the first week, if you feel good (not tired after walking) you can start to run a bit.

Week 1 

1′ easy run 2′ walking x 10 times (total 30′)

Week 2 

2′ easy run 2′ walking x 7 times (total 30′)

Week 3 

3′ easy run 1’30” walking x 10 times (total 40′)

Week 4

4′ easy run 2′ walk x 7 times (total 42′)

Week 5 

5′ easy run 1′ walk x 7 times (total 42′)

Week 6

30/40′ easy run

Week 7 and more

40/45′ easy run


  • Always warm up and cool down for 2 to 3 mins. We have some great videos on the living in Luzern website.
  • Prefer soft ground
  • You should always be able to talk whilst running. If you can’t it, try varying your speed until you can do so).
  •  Remember to drink plenty of water: 2.5 litres of water per day.
  • Smile, getting fit should be a fun experience.

If you need an incentive then find a buddy to run with and work towards a goal. There’s the Lucerne Marathon on October 29. How about challenging yourself to doing the 10 km run?

Samuele Fenu is an accredited physiotherapist. You can book a massage with him at

For 6 years my work role is to implement the creative vision across a broad range of digital projects. I support teams to ensure that the portfolio, vision of the brand, tasks of the projects are planned and managed effectively. I collaborate with sales, creative and marketing teams, internal and external clients to translate their “messages”, “visions” and needs into successful storytelling. Living in Luzern is my key to new culture, media, and communication - I am creating my own story in Switzerland the way I know best - storytelling and sharing my own experience.



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