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Pilatus on the Rocks – a must for your bucket list

This Saturday it happened – Pilatus on the rocks! I can still feel that my body is sore as if I’d done a good work out! It was by far my favorite concert ever seen from so close to the clouds. And it was my first time seeing such polite crowd – letting you go with the camera back and forth and saying nothing! Only in Switzerland. No?! Everything was organized precisely, and I know what I say, as I happened to have been, a few years ago in the organizer’s shoes whilst working with concert venues.

So what happened this Saturday? The coziest rock concert would be the best description. From the first notes on the stage, people were dancing & smiling, having really their mountain concert at its best. Birds whispered that “Pilatus on the Rock” was absolutely a success with pretty much 1000 visitors! And by the way, can you image a concert on the top of the mountain, at 2132 meters above sea level? Well, you should! I am pretty sure it is not the last concert, so to follow Pilatus is a must, because going to a concert on the top of the mountain should be on your bucket list too.

I will be honest, I enjoyed all groups. Absolutely Dada Ante Portas, Henrik Belden, and Mando Diao rocked the stage with really well prepared shows.

I heard the Luzern group Dada Ante Portas for the first time, they presented new album “When Gravity Fails”. This was an absolutely great start to know them better. And btw, I have so far my favorite photo with them. Such modest and real Luzerners.

After, the whole crowd moved to another part of the prepared scene with the singer-songwriter Henrik Belden, whose performance was very cozy and overwhelming under the ever darker sky. And of course, with an expressive and passionate performance finally, the entire crowd cheered Mando Diao! These guys just blew off the roof top of the mountain. Great great shows.

So, take a good look at our photos, and of course, enjoy our interpretation of what happened on Pilatus mountain.

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More information about the Pilatus mountain here.

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