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Raspberry & Chia Pudding from Coop@Home

After visiting the Villa Honnegg restaurant one afternoon I went in search of a great Chia pudding recipe.

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I found it at Coop@home. It’s sort of a healthy-breakfast meets dessert option that could be served great for a morning meal, or as a sweet ending to a long day. One of the things I love most about it is that there is no added sugar! Here you can find the recipe and list of ingredients, ready to be added to your shopping cart and delivered to your doorstep.

First you’ll need to make the pudding by pureeing the raspberries with a hand blender. I have several bushes in by back garden and they are thriving in this fall weather. Stir in the chia seeds and coconut flakes. Pour in the rice drink, mix well. Cover and allow to absorb in the fridge for at *least 1 hr. or overnight.

One of the details in the version I enjoyed at the Villa Honnegg, was the brittle they served as a garnish on the chia pudding. This recipe also uses a version of this that is very interesting and healthy too. I love the interesting contrast in texture. The ingredients seemed unusual abut dont be afraid to give it a try. It’s a simple matter of disolving the ingredience in the hot boiling water and then pouring it out on to a baking pan to finish it in the oven. This step takes about 20 minutes. Everything else can be peeped and assembled while this is finishing.

While the brittle “chips” are baking, start to prepare your fresh fruit. Slice the peaches in half, sprinkling them with salt and then grilling them for about 5 minutes. Then while they cool feel free to cut any combination of fresh fruit and berries for the topping.

Now for the beautiful presentation! Layer the chilled pudding into 4 glasses, spoon the almond cream (or whipped cream if you prefer) on top. Arrange the mixed fruit on top, decorate with peppermint and linseed chips.

*The recipe says it takes about 20 minutes, but it does not factor in the time that soaking the Chia seeds will need. Please keep that in mind- I feel it’s best when done over night- which is what makes it great for breakfast or a prepare-ahead dessert for entertaining.