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The Black Spider – The Unknown Side of The Swiss Culture

Do you want to fall in love with the German language? Do you want to be a bit spooked by Swiss tales? Inspired by amazing costumes and stage decorations? We found a perfect place – “The Black Spider” show at the Luzern Theatre. This show is a “must go” to start knowing Swiss culture. Who knew that it will be THAT exciting! Of course, it is in German, but it was not that hard to understand, dialogues were simple, a lot of songs and slangs in English. A mix for everyone.  I am a lover of spooky things, stories, and tales! And it was an amazing introduction to a different Swiss Culture that I didn’t know existed.

A bit about the tale and show: “A rural Swiss community in «Emmental» is being enslaved and abused by a knight, who burdens the villagers with impossible chores. A green hunter, passing by, offers assistance. The only compensation he asks for is an unchristened child. The diabolic deal is made. But when the hunter comes to collect, the villagers betray him. Now spiders attack the village, killing cattle and man. A pastor, cross a the ready, confronts the diabolic antics. He dies in the attempt. Only a mother, her newborn in her arms, can stop the spider. The rural idyll seems recovered until the irredeemable villagers free the spider again – with dire consequences.” – written in Luzern Theatre. Oh, it is an absolute gift for your eyes and ears.

Decorations were beyond my imagination! Loved video projections, moving huge stage pieces. Btw, every time when I go to Luzern Theatre I am shocked about technical decisions. Would love to interview people behind that magic! Oh, and trees … you must see how huge trees are moved from one side to another of the stage, flying above the actors.

The original novel is written by Swiss Pastor Albert Bitzius. He started writing late in his life. Without a doubt, the short novel The Black Spider (Die schwarze Spinne), is known as his best-written peace. Novels portraying rural life in the 19th century, focusing particularly on the temptations of Evil. As Luzern Theatre says: “His writing was both highly religious and of a stunning, sweeping imagery.” It is a tale of the of the titular monster that devastates a Swiss valley community.

Get the tickets H E R E  , will be honest, I would go even second time!

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