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Crossfit – it really is for everyone!

“I’m going to be so embarrassed.” It was her first ever CrossFit trial class, and she hadn’t even walked through the door. “Are you kidding me?!” Everyone waiting for this class to start felt exactly the same as she did. A bit timid and unsure of what was about to happen. I doubt many of them had ever done a deadlift before, or a box jump, or much of anything they did in that hour. Was her deadlift perfect at the beginning? No. Was it perfect at the end? No, but she had a straight back, kept her shins vertical, her focus was impeccable.

This was in the spring of ’16, and now a year a half later, she’s hooked as so many others are after facing their fears and walking through the door. She’s stronger, even more focused, and experienced at that deadlift plus many other skills, and in the best shape of her life. As she approached this past summer and her upcoming wedding, she was not only bikini-ready but looked great in her wedding dress. As she looks forward to the ski season, she knows her quads can handle whatever the slopes hand her. All that goes without saying; after all at CrossFit we aim to get you fit. Mission 1: Accomplished.

But what she wasn’t expecting is the sense of community she’s gained as a result of joining CrossFit. As a British ex-pat, she has certainly felt the challenges of living in a host country: that feeling that you don’t belong, language and cultural differences, and wanting to make both Swiss and other ex-pat friends. Though fitness is the most obvious goal of CrossFit, community is that intangible second goal. At CrossFit Luzern and at our sister box, CrossFit Zug, from the friendly hellos at the beginning of each workout, to the cheers of encouragement throughout, to the high-fives at the end, you know you belong when you walk through the door. A year and a half later, she has made new friends from Switzerland and all over the world. Mission 2: Accomplished.

My own CrossFit story is similar, though I’ve been doing it a bit longer. As an American living in Switzerland, I can honestly say that I have struggled to find a place that is more open, more accepting, and more inclusive of such a wide variety of people. Because our members come from all over Europe and beyond, classes, when needed by even one member, are taught in English. Age isn’t a thing; young and old train next to each other. Skill isn’t a thing: all exercises are scalable. Social status isn’t a thing: CEO’s, teachers, construction workers, housewives and househusbands train to together. We sweat together, laugh together, struggle and improve together. We encourage each other and celebrate our milestones no matter how small.

I often hear people say that they’ll start CrossFit as soon as they are fit. To that I say, “There’s no time like the present.” If you’re even thinking about it, come check us out. You’ll find that level of fitness you’re looking for and maybe even a place to call “home” in central Switzerland

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