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The Mall Of Switzerland – a place to start your adventure?

So, yesterday we had quite an interesting & crowded day. Why? Because we decided to try out new “The Mall of Switzerland” in Ebikon. Even though this mall is not directly in Luzern, it takes just 10 min to go there and create your own adventures!

For us it is important to try out events, places as customers,  we even participated in the contest for the tickets to go with Mr. Churchill train. Oh SBB, we love this train! So cozy.

So yesterday morning it was a rainy day but it took just 10 cozy minutes before we were in front of the Mall and ready for the entertainment. The Mall of Switzerland is definitely huge space with different shops (such as Bershka, Dosenbach, Adidas, C&A mode etc.), restaurants (it was hard to try out that yesterday, but we definitely will go back to check it one more time), cafeterias, bars etc. But most of all, we really loved the big, bright and spacy kids’ area and creative, innovative entertainment in all of the mall for them. Talking, singing walls with animals and instruments. Btw, parents enjoyed that too!

P.S. don’t tell anyone, we enjoyed that too! So, check out our video, to see more of what happened!

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