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Coop@Home – App Review

The Elevator Pitch

The mobile app version of the Coop@Home food delivery service is a perfect compliment to the full browser version and provides a seamless experience across platforms. What you do in a browser is reflected in the app and vice versa (provided, of course, that you log in with your Coop@Home account.

Functionalities and Scenarios


Just about every product in the Coop catalog can be found either by drilling down via the menu category structure or via the always available search functionality in the top right of the app. Each product page provides a large photo of the product along with additional information. From this screen you can add to your shopping cart or add the product to one of your created lists. Often if I am in a Coop and can’t find a product I will look it up on the app and then show it to one of the staff to ask for help.

My Lists

Creating lists in the Coop@Home service makes it much easier to reorder items as part of your regular grocery shopping. The feature in the app allows you to see products you’ve listed as favorites (My Products), see previous Orders, see the various Lists you’ve built as well as any Rebates you are eligible for via the regular newsletters they send out with specials and new products.

My Account

This is a pretty standard feature that will capture all the information in our Coop@Home account; your contact details, shipping address, the newsletters you subscribe to and a summary of the loyalty programs you are enrolled in (such as SuperCard and Miles & More). It’s easy to both find and update any information that needs to be updated whether in a browser or on the app.

Shopping Cart

As app shopping carts go the one in the Coop@Home app is easy to manage, powerful, and straight forward. You can easily change the quantity of each item, save the entire shopping cart as a new List, select the Delivery Address and Delivery Time, and see what amount you are saving via your SuperCard as well as the delivery costs. It fits a lot of information in a single screen without cluttering up the interface.

User Experience

I’ve covered much of this in the rest of the review but the Coop@Home app is well designed and ensures you don’t spend any more time finding products, creating lists, and placing orders than is necessary. And since everything you do is synchronized and available on any device it’s convenient if you needed to place an order but forgot to do it while you were at home. Your shopping cart on the app will be as you left it on your home computer and you can place the order in no time.

Price : Free