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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

So, yes! It happened, we had an opportunity to be at the “Stars Wars: The Last Jedi” movie premiere! And oh my, we saw a lot 🙂 Just a reminder, that if you weren’t able to come yesterday, you are still able to see this magnificent movie. No spoiler, but it is worth to go, especially to see it on Verkehrhaus Film Theatre screen. HUGE. Btw, the list of the available dates is added at the end of the article!

And here you go – a  glimpse into our little adventure yesterday! As always we try to show as much as possible! Who knew that we would meet the man – Darth Vader!

Verkehrshaus der Schweiz really did their best! In collaboration with Rebel Legion Helvetica Base premiere was really surreal and so much fun! Who knew that Darth Vader has such a good sense of humor! And I think the best part of all of this experience was the audience 🙂 It was fun to see known faces, also a variety of different age people and all excited about being there. What about the movie?! You may ask. Well, it is definitely well made! A pleasure for the eyes and ears. And, honestly, the entire audience were laughing out loud throughout- it says everything. Grab your friends, family, have a nice day at the museum at the Space area and all the entertainment, eat and enjoy the movie time! A perfect day 🙂

Here you are, some available dates! And H E R E you can grab the ticket. (D) = German version; (E) = English version

15th of December   17:45 (D) and 20:30 (E)
16th of December   17:45 (D) and 20:30 (E)
17th of December   20:30 (D)
18th of December   17:45 (D) and 20:30 (D)
19th of December   17:45 (D) and 20:30 (D)
20th of December.  17:45 (D) and 20:30 (E)
21st of December    17:45 (D) and 20:30 (E)
22nd of December  17:45 (D) and 20:30 (D)
23rd of December   17:45 (D) and 20:30 (E)
25th of December   17:45 (D)
26th of December   17:45 (D) and 20:30 (E)
27th of December   17:45 (D) and 20:30 (D)
28th of December   17:45 (D) and 20:30 (E)
29th of December   17:45 (D) and 20:30 (D)
30th of December   17:45 (D) and 20:30 (D)

If you didn’t see the trailer, check out too!

 Let the force of movies and fun stay with you!

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