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The LiLi Centre in January

The LiLi Centre which was started in June 2016 has been growing exponentially ever since. The centre is now the home to many organisations and offers a wide array of courses, workshops and events.

This month we have many special events to look forward to:

Photography Fundamentals – begins January 13

Today’s cameras put an amazing amount of power in your hands, but all those buttons, dials, and settings can be pretty intimidating. In Photography Fundamentals, photographer Gergely Molnar helps you understand what’s going on inside your camera, explaining photography fundamentals. Learn basics such as what various modes mean and when to use them. There’s also creative instruction to guide you toward becoming a better photographer. As you become more comfortable with your gear, you’ll find that many creative possibilities open up for you and the quality of your photography improves. This is a four week course, find out more here.


International Evening – ‘Burns Night’ – January 20

Following the success of last years event we will once again be celebrating Burns Night at the Lili Centre! For those not familiar with the tradition, Burns Night is a party in honour of the famed Scottish poet Robert Burns and is traditionally celebrated on or around the poet’s birthday on January 25. Join us for a delicious meal as we celebrate all things Scottish! Find out more here.


Introduction to Driven Woman – Luzern – January 29

DrivenWoman is a network for women with ideas and ambition who want to achieve their goals and dreams, however these are defined. This introductory event will give you a taste of our unique lifeworking concept – where networking meets life coaching, but this time your coaches are other women sharing their journeys. The really powerful thing about going through the shared experience of ‘LifeWorking’ is that it impacts directly on your positivity and belief in your own potential. Instead of the sense of isolation, you may have felt before, you will be inspired by the stories of other participants and will soon notice that the obstacles you thought were unique to you are universal to most women, and can be overcome. Find out more here.

We also offer French, Spanish and German conversation groups, as well as yoga and Pilates classes and many the weekly Information Coffee Mornings. If you want to keep up to date on all our events you can go to the website: and sign up to the LiLi Centre’s weekly newsletter.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.