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Yogurt Eclairs from Coop@home

Yogurt Eclairs from Coop@home look like a decadent dessert but with a healthy twist. I will be making it again for Valentines Day but next time with strawberries instead of Mango. I love that the recipe is versatile and a pretty healthy dessert. You can find the Yogurt Eclairs recipe at the Coop@home recipe bank. They make cooking easier by listing all the ingredients, you simply add what you need to your shopping cart and have it all delivered to your home. It’s a lifesaver for busy people or on winter days when you just don’t want to go out in the weather and drag heavy groceries home.

This desert does take some time to make because of the multiple elements but, just look at that photo-it is an impressive presentation! First you will be making the Choux pastry. It may seem daunting or complicated but it couldn’t be easier. Plus it’s rather forgiving more on that in a minute. Start by adding the first 5 ingredients to a sauce pan and heating to a boil, stirring constantly. Here’s where those new year’s resolutions to exercise more get put to the test. Remove from heat, add flour all at once and stir, stir, stir with a big wooden spoon for 1 1/2 minutes as the dough is in a ball and sticking together. Then remove it from the heat and add the 4 eggs one at a time. It was at this point, one egg in, that I got interrupted by my daughter and walked away from the hot dough for about 5 minutes. When I returned I wondered if it was ruined forever since I didn’t immediately get all of the eggs incorporated. Refusing to waste a whole batch, I decided to try to complete the process and turned out great! My dough was still warm after all. I added another egg and another egg stirring it in each time until I had a wetter dough that more resembled cake batter.

TIP: Stir the eggs in with a fork so that you can cut into the dough. Stirring with a wooden spoon isn’t really sufficient to thoroughly incorporate.

Next, take a plastic bag and fill it with the batter. I then cut a corner open, about the size of a 20 rappen coin, and proceeded to pipe thick lines of dough about 4 inches long. The recipe calls for you to add another line of dough on top of the original, I guess so it’s nice and thick? Also the recipe calls for a 1/2 crescent shape, I never did understand why? Bake this at 180° Celsius for 25 minutes and then turn off the oven and crack the door open to let them “dry out” for 15 minutes. I was so excited and proud to pull these beauties out of the oven! Set them aside and let them cool completely.

Mix the unhurt and lime juice. Dissolve the gelatin in the rum (you can also use water), then mix it together with 2 tbsp of the yogurt mixture and immediately stir into the remaining mixture. Carefully fold the whipped cream into the yogurt mixture, cover and chill for approx. 1 hour. Transfer the yogurt mousse to a piping bag with a round nozzle or just cut a bag open like you did for the dough.  Slice the mangoes and eclairs and begin to assemble, using the photo as a guide. Place two mango segments on each base.  Puree the remaining mango segments with the sugar and water. Coat the top half of the eclair with the glaze and place on top of the yogurt mousse.

I have a confession, my eclairs didn’t exactly look as beautiful as the photo. I compensated by believing that if you put enough powdered sugar on anything it will look better. And since they were met with surprised and happy faces by my family, I consider it a success!

I love the tartness of the lime in this concoction! and in combination with the mangoes it’s a little taste of the tropics in winter.  I hope you enjoy the fun of making the recipe and all it different components as much as eating it.