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Znüni News – Friday March 2

Have you ever stopped to wonder how the roads and walkways once cleared of snow don’t turn to ice? Salt gets sprayed onto them. This neat and simple solution works well and is widespread, but too much salt is bad for the environment, killing off plants and rusting cars. Which is why Kriens is currently looking at investing in machines that would spray a liquid called Sole which has a lower percentage of salt in it. There is a snag though, the liquid can only be put down until temperatures reach minus 2, anything more than that and the product freezes. Kriens argues that it can be used as a preventing solution, and the salt only be put down when temperatures reach any lower. Other towns, such as Ebikon, argue that this is too costly so won‘t even be considering it. In the meantime remember to wash your car once the snow has gone to prevent it from getting damaged.

More and more expat children are going to the „kantis“ high schools. This has been made noticeable in Zug, where the director of the kanti explains that children from expat backgrounds do have more needs such as taking German as a second language classes, or having to make an extra effort to integrate the classes. But overall the children are treated the same as Swiss kids and have to prove their worth just as the local kids do.

Last year 107 underage girls were forced to get married in Switzerland. This practice has been made illegal since 2013 but because these marriages are done in private or in a religious contexts the administration only finds out about them through chance. Very often the girls who refuse these marriages are then ostracized by their own communities. In principal should the marriage have taken place outside of the country then it is annuled when the couple move to Switzerland, but there is a debate whether this should be the absolute rule or whether each case should be reviewed separately.

Saying of the day: „Bisch doof?“ Are you stupid?

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.