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Easter celebrations in Lucerne

The air is filled with spring, chocolate bunnies are peeping out of windows, Easter is only a few days away and here are some ideas of how to make the most of the holiday. While no doubt there will be queues and traffic jams for the Gotthard tunnel this weekend, you can easily skip that and enjoy Easter in and around Luzern with a few of our suggestions.

Church Services:

The International Church of Lucerne is offering several services to honour this important Christian milestone. On Good Friday there will be a communion services at 9.00 and Resurrection Sunday service will be at 10.30 at the church.

Locally there will be many services in all churches; of particular note is the service Thursday night commemorating Jesus’ last meal at the Hofkirche in Luzern at 20.00. You can find out more here.

Shopping Hours:

The shops will be closed on Good Friday and Sunday (except at the train station) but open on Saturday and the some of the bigger stores (Coop, Migros, Manor and Globus) will be open on Monday.

Chocolate Heaven:

Nothing says Easter quite like chocolate, which give you the perfect excuse to head out and make your own chocolate bunny! Here are a few places locally that you can do this fun activity and some are even open until Monday -just in case you didn’t get enough of a chocolate fill over the Easter weekend. You can read about the chocolate shops and exhibitions in the area here.

Trips & Excursions:

It can be a bit hectic to try keep everyone busy and entertained at this time of the year, so here’s a round up of a few trips or events taking place for both the young and old.

From the 29. of March to the 8. of April you can go and look at chicks as part of the Nature Museum exhibition.

The Swiss Museum of Transport is always a great way to spend a few hours. This year they are focusing on their airplane exhibition, it promises to be even mind blowing than before! Can’t wait to check it out.

The Lido is not officially open but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take your children to go and use the playground. You can and it’s free!

With the long weekend, there is no better excuse then to hit the slopes whilst the weather is still nice and the snow plentiful. Most of the resorts have Easter parties over the weekend, whether it be brunch at the Swiss Holiday Park or easter egg hunting in the snow around Andermatt . You will find a full list of all the events in the region on the Luzern Tourism site.

If you or your children have a passion for trains then the Liliputbahn in Rothenburg is a great place to take them, they have just reopened. Maintained by people passionate about miniature trains, you (and your kids) get to ride mini trains and play around.

For most of the weekend the weather forecast is no rain and some slightly warmer temperatures then we’ve been having the last while. If you haven’t already been to Goldau Tierpark, now is the chance. It offers you a very hands on experience with a great variety of animals and packed with loads of fun for big and small.


Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.