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Tips to watching a Movie in Luzern.

Seeing a movie in any foreign country can be a little tricky. Of all the things I had my wife figure out, this was one of the first and of the highest priorities. I love movies a tad more than the average person. Seeking out not only big blockbusters but to Oscar nominees to independent films to foreign films with English subtitles (never dubbed). I even subscribe to a daily movie news on youtube called Collider Movie Talk. I get my daily dose of what’s happening in the movie world and not just reviews but also what’s being produced, who’s directing, who’s been cast, recast, reshoot, rebooted, scoops, etc. You get the idea, I love the movies. Even if you watch the movies once a year to once a week, here are the tips for watching movies in Luzern…in English.

The first and foremost important thing when seeking out a movie theater for me, is that, is that film shown in English? Kitag Cinemas located around the city of Luzern does indeed show films in English. I do not work for Kitag Cinema nor did they pay me for this blog or give me any special VIP treatment. Maybe in the distant future 😉

Tip #1 – Look for the symbols

British flag with E/d/f for English with Deutsch and French Subtitles.

Film is in 3D

*This means the film is shown in 3D. It will cost 2 Franken more on top of the 3D glasses if you don’t have them. For 3 Franken, you can buy a pair of 3D glasses. Once you buy the glasses, don’t throw them away, save them for another film. Most blockbuster films are shown in 3D. For me the only film that I enjoyed in 3D was Avatar. If I could choose to never see a film in 3D again, I would. Sorry 3D lovers.

Tip #2 – Carte Bleue Member

It’s worth it, if you see more than 4/5 films a year or if you go with a friend or especially if you go as a family.

For 20 Franken a year you can get the Carte Bleue. You can buy up to 10 tickets a day for the year at a discounted price. The discount ranges from 4-6 Franken depending on what Cineplex you see a film at. For example, I see a lot of films at the Capitol and Moderne and instead of paying 17 Franken, I pay 13. When you add in my wife and going multiple times, the card basically pays for itself.

*Costs and Discount subject to change in the future.

Here are more benefits for being a Carte Bleue Member. The following is an email I received from Kitag Cinemas.

Tip #3 – Locations

There are three Kitag Cinemas, but I mainly see films in English shown in two locations. The Capitol and Moderne.  For example, when looking at the films it will show the following.

This shows me that the Moderne is showing this movie in English. Here is where to find the two cinemas.

Tip #4 – Break

In the middle of the film, the film will stop. A break. A pause. The first time I experienced this, I thought the film was broken. Nope. It was a break in the movie for people who want to use the restroom or buy more snacks. Coming from the states this is/was very disruptive. For a person who loves being immersed in the films, this was very distractive. However, if I had to choose a pause in the middle of the movie or no movie at all, I choose movie with a pause every time. So, if you are watching a film here in Switzerland for the first time, don’t be alarmed when the movie suddenly stops. Go use the bathroom, go check your social media feeds, go pull your snacks out of your bag, I mean go buy your snacks from the stand. Support your local cinema.

Tip #5 – Reserving

Check the availability of the seats in advance. Personally, when I see films, I like to see them in a near empty theater. Again, back to personal preference of immersing myself in the film. Some huge films like Star Wars or the Avengers, I enjoy being in a crowded cinema for the energy that explodes out during the movie. So, either you enjoy an empty cinema or a crowded cinema, you have the option of checking the availability and can reserve your seats in advance.

Bonus Tip – Rainy Day

Nothing to do on a rainy day? Look what’s playing at the cinema. And hey, you just might find me there… Avengers; Infinity War?!

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