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Tanz 27: Roll ‘n’ Rock It

A review by Francesca Duchesne


What does Rock ‘n’ Roll bring to mind for you? For me it’s energy, sex, freedom of expression and experimentation….

I’ve always been a fan of Tanz Luzerner Theater. When I first saw a Tanz production it was performed in the main theater and I remember being completely blown away. The second time, they performed in ‘The Box’ and I felt it lacked a certain amount of ambience despite the talents of the dancers. Well, I’m pleased to say that they are once again back in their rightful place on main stage, where the surroundings and acoustics lend themselves naturally to this type of dance.

The main theatre may be considered traditional in style but this performance most certainly is not. Fernando Hernando Magadan, Marco Goecke and Johan Inger have choreographed 3 acts, each one representing a different aspect of Rock ‘n’ Roll. You’ll find yourself transported to a rock concert watching frenzied fans and groupies, expressing such energy, adoration and and desperation, it’ll make you embarrassed that you’d ever once been an adoring fan yourself. There are intriguing uses of microphones and Rock ‘n’ Roll dance routines that will have your feet tapping and humming (if not singing) along. There’s also what I can only describe as an incredible solo performance, where the shapes, speed of movement and shear abundance of muscles and sinews will have you mesmerised. Now, before you judge me too harshly and think my hormones have run away with me –  I assure you this is in fact the whole idea of the dance. Then the performance takes a different turn. If you’re thinking of taking any little people to see this performance then I would make sure that you’re prepared with some good diverting one liners to field off those inevitable awkward questions. Now let me be clear, there’s no sex in this performance, but there are definite hints to it throughout. Culminating in various dancers loosing their outer clothing at times and most (if not all) the dancers prancing around in their undies for the Grand Finale. Please don’t assume however, that this makes the performance in any way sleazy. On the contrary, it’s done in such an ad hoc way, that apart from the woman besides me (who gasped in delight) it had men, women and children in the audience chuckling alike.

Undies aside, I would recommend this performance for all the family and if after reading  this you’re still undecided I’d recommend going for the music alone (The Doors, Jonny Cash and Van Morrison)!


Tanz 27: Roll ‘n’ Rock It is on  from 13 April – 17 June 2018

Luzerner Theater, TheaterStrasse 2, 6003 Luzern.


Francesca Duchesne.