connect, grow & thrive.

Are you a member yet!?

Whether you are a newcomer or have been living in Lucerne for a while the LiLi Centre is a great place for you to visit. Opened in June 2016 the LiLi Centre is a community centre focused on helping you to connect, grow and thrive. You can come and socialise, have a drink, read a book and meet like-minded people or join one of our many groups, classes or workshops.

Meet some of our volunteers!

For 6 years my work role is to implement the creative vision across a broad range of digital projects. I support teams to ensure that the portfolio, vision of the brand, tasks of the projects are planned and managed effectively. I collaborate with sales, creative and marketing teams, internal and external clients to translate their “messages”, “visions” and needs into successful storytelling. Living in Luzern is my key to new culture, media, and communication - I am creating my own story in Switzerland the way I know best - storytelling and sharing my own experience.