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Blood donors needed!

There is a shortage of blood for emergency transfusions and the blood bank is calling for people to step forward and give blood. There is a special need for 0 positive and 0 negative as well as A negative. Every year after the summer holidays there seems to be a shortage, Central Switzerland uses over 6000 litres of blood for blood transfusions every year and sometimes have to buy the blood from other banks.

In order to refill the blood bank there is a call for blood donors and ambulant blood banks will be set up all over central Switzerland. But before you rush ahead to help the cause here are the things that could prevent you from becoming a donor.

You cannot donate blood:

  • If you weigh under 50 kilos.
  • If you gave birth in the last 12 months.
  • If you have had unprotected sex with several partners in the last 4 months.
  • If you are a gay man you are allowed to donate blood only on condition of not having had sex in the past year.
  • If you have had a tattoo or a piercing in the last 4 months.
  • If you lived in the United Kingdom between 1980 and 1996 for more than 6 months you are not eligible to give blood because of the remote risk of having caught Creutzfeld-Jakob disease (Mad Cow Disease)!

If none of the above apply to you then please feel free to donate!

The blood bank website is here.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.