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Znüni News – Monday October 8

The Lozärner Määs is here. The locals favourite autumn fair has made it to downtown Lucerne and will be based around the train station until October 21. Expect loads of fun rides in the Luna Park, 100 stalls offering varying wears and a new Ferris wheel which reaches a height of 45 metres. It also offers a VIP lounge ride which costs CHF 120.- for 4 people last 30 minutes and comes with a bottle of champagne. A great way to take in the view.

Underground bike parks are growing in trend and the city of Lucerne is planning to open an extra two around the train station to help deal with the thousand of bikes that get brought to the train station every day. The current bike station offers 1100 spots and cost CHF 1.- a day or CHF 15.- a month. However it only is 2/3 full and this probably stems from the fact that it is not directly connected to the train station. The two new stations would be directly connected to the train station, so hopefully better used (one would even be completely free). In the meantime if you are interested in dropping of your bike off, you can find out more about it here.


A crazy rowing race to end a career: olympic rowing medallist Mario Gyr took part in Saturday’s rowing race from Zug to Lucerne. Now as a knowledgeable reader you know that it is impossible to row all the way from Zug to Lucerne and this is what makes this a crazy race. The rowers raced from Zug to Immensee where they then got out of the water, put their boats on their shoulders and ran the 7 kilometres towards Küssnacht where they put their boats back into the water and rowed all the way to Lucerne and the Jesuitenplatz. It was poetic justice for Gyr to finish his career where it began on the lake of Lucerne.

(pic: Manuela Jans Koch)

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.