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Znüni News – Tuesday October 9

Since 2010 tax payers in Switzerland have been allowed to declare “forgotten” income from the past years and receive a minimal fine and then backpay taxes. Presumably a lot cheaper than being caught out and having to pay huge fines. Last year saw the largest number of people coming forward (687), bringing the total of backpayers in Luzern to 3267 and putting an extra 80 million francs into the cantons coffers, 12 million of which were paid last year alone. The reason for this growing numbers is because since the beginning of this year Switzerland has joined the automatic exchange of information between 100 countries to prevent tax evasion. If you are interested you can find out more about the automatic exchange of information click here.

The unemployment rate has sunken once more in central Switzerland. Luzern currently has 1.6% unemployment rate, Zug 2.2%, Schwyz 1,2%, Nidwalden 1% but the clear winners are Uri and Obwalden with 0.5% unemployment. These numbers are well under the national average of 2.4% overall.

So if you want to celebrate all of this good news why not head to one of the Gault Millau rated restaurants that were announced this week.

In Luzern these are the top restaurants:

16 points: Reussbad; Grand Casino/Olivo.

15 points: The Hotel/ Bam Bou by Thomas ; KKL/Red ; Art Deco Hotel Montana/Scala ; Old Swiss House; La Perla.

14 points: Astoria/Thai Garden; Des Balances; Grand Hotel National/Padrino; Wilden Mann/Sauvage.

13 points: Astoria/La Cucina; Barbatti; Bodu; Il Cortile; Galliker;  Schiff ; Villa Schweizerhof.

You can find out more on the gaultmillau website.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.