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Znüni News – Tuesday November 13

Only one week after its opening to much fanfare and national press coverage, the Capsule Hotel in Lucerne has had to close. The company never officially received a building permit for the hotel and, until this is approved, the hotel cannot be open. Neither party is available for comment apart from saying that the permit application was made in the spring. It was recently announced that Lucerne has one of the longest waiting time for building permit approval, which means that it might be some time before the hotel is allowed to reopen.

Ever heard of a pumptrack? These are asphalted courses for skateboards and bikes and until now Lucerne had none. This is about to change, as of this Saturday there will be a pumptrack at the Wartegg school. The course cost CHF 130 000.- to build and the city hopes it will attract many sporty kids and grownups to have fun and perform cool tricks.

This Sunday was the 11.11 and while most of the world was celebrating the centenary of the end of world war I, in Lucerne this date has another meaning: Fasnacht has begun! This means that Guggemusic groups all around the city will have had their first meeting to plan for Fasnacht 2019 (which will be from February 28 to March 4). Songs to be played will be chosen and the first ideas for costumes and floats will be decided too. But another city has an entirely reason to celebrate 11.11. In Sursee the tradition is to celebrate Martin’s Day with the beheading of two geese (already dead), whilst blindfolded and with a sword. 6000 spectators turned out to watch this weird tradition on Sunday. Each participant gets one shot at beheading the goose. In this case it took 3 strokes to behead the one and 1 stroke to behead the other. No one knows why this tradition begun or what it symbolises but so long as there will be audience for it the tradition will continue.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.