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Znüni News – Wednesday November 14

One of the first cases of sex-tortion has led to a criminal indictment in central Switzerland. A seventeen year old boy has been arrested for  blackmailing a fourteen year old girl who sent him naked photos of herself over Snapchat. He asked for CHF 400.- or he would publish the photographs and once she had handed that over asked for more money at which point the girl went to the police. The police needed the help of lawyers in the United States to get access to the Snapchat server. They were then able to arrest the boy. The pictures were not published.

The police is urging the public to protect themselves from any possible sextortion cases by:

Only accepting online friends you know in real life.

Never in any case do anything online that may lead to embarrassement.

Be aware that it is possible to record facetime and live feeds.

Cover your computer’s camera when you are not using it.

Keeping your computer‘s anti malware software up to date.


The SBB was plagued with a double breakdown yesterday. In the morning an IT problem meant that all of the information boards were out of order all over the country. People had to resort to reading the printed schedules and/or check their online SBB app to find their trains. In the evening a train brokedown between Zug and Cham causing commuter chaos well into the evening. We hope that things run a little smoother today.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.