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|What’s On| Feb 1 – 3


Friday we have an event at the LiLi Centre, where you will be giving an introduction to pricing for small businesses. For businesses knowing what and how to charge customers can be a challenge. It doesn’t need to be. Too often we’re focused on finding the “perfect” price, when we should be focused on how the prices we set support our business and our relationship with customers.

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If you are interested in architecture, this tour in the KKL Luzern might be exactly what you want to do on Saturday. It is a unique tour of the architectural vision of Jean Nouvel, where you can enjoy the countless halls, such as the famous Concert Hall, which is considered one of the best in the world.

The tour starts at 11 am and costs 15CHF for an adult and 9CHF for a child.

To find out more information, or to order tickets, please click here



A beautiful documentary about the Rocky Mountains in North America will be shown at the Verkehrshaus Filmtheater in Luzern, where you can see spectacular aerial shots alternated with breathtaking images on and off this beautiful steam locomotive. Please watch the clip below to see what you can expect.

The show starts at 11 am and costs 16CHF to adults, 12CHF for students, and 7CHF for children under the age of 16.

To find out more information please click here

If you are more interested in watching some live sports, you could go to the soccer and support FC Luzern. They are playing FC Lion. Tickets are varying in prices depending on where you would prefer to sit.

The game starts at 4 pm at the Swissporarena (Horwerstrasse 91, 6005 Luzern)

Tickets can be bought here

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