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|What’s On| Feb 8 – 10


Friday we have an event at the LiLi center called “Breathwork & Cold Walk”. For winter swimmers, outdoor freaks and anybody else who is ready to experience winter in a different way. We will be starting off with a few breathing exercises from yoga and beyond to mentally prepare us and warm us up from the inside. After this, we will be heading outside for a nightly walk in shorts (for women: + sport’s bra or T-shirt). Duration of the walk: ca. 45 min. Finally, we will be heading back inside, where we can share our experiences and enjoy a cup of tea and some snacks.

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What about those vivid, nostalgic memories of ice skating discos? It’s a relief to know that in Lucerne they are still alive and kicking – every Saturday evening until the 23rd of February. You can ice skate to disco music from 18.00-22.00 at the Eiszentrum in Luzern.

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If you feel like something a little bit less intensive you could go see “A Circus Symphony” at the KKL at 19.30. “A Circus Symphony” is the fusion of classical music with artistic “movement art”. Top international award-winning artists combine their specially choreographed performances with selected symphonic works to create an experience that goes beyond hearing and seeing.

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Professional volleyball team “Volley Luzern” will play another home game this Sunday. This evening Volley Luzern (currently ranked number 4) will play against Volley Amriswil, the undefeated number 1. Come and watch for yourself if Volley Luzern will be able to score some sets, or even better have a possible win!!

You can now win one free ticket to the match, please write under the facebook post of this “what’s on” if you are interested in winning this free ticket and I will send you a personal message (PM) on Facebook if you win.

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Any day this weekend (until 23. feb)

If you want to show off or practice your ice skating skills you can go ice skating at the Mall of Luzern. The ice rink is free for everyone. Ice skates can be rented for a small fee (free for children under 7, 3 CHF for children from 7-13, 4 CHF for children from 14-19 and 5 CHF for adults).

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