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Znüni News – Monday February 9

Yesterday’s referendum sounded a definite no towards a complete freeze of buildable zones in Switzerland. With over 63% of the overall population voting against it, the people made clear that they do not want the country to be restricted in its growth potential. However another motion is already being put into place calling for disused buildings to be torn down and the land being turned back into green zones, as well as hefty fines being imposed on building owners who let their properties fall into disrepair. Somehow I don’t think that this will resonate with the majority either.

On the other hand the town of Ebikon voted against Migros’ project for refurbishing the M Park Ebikon into 340 apartments. They would have had to build a 55 meter highrise to achieve this; showing that people do care about how urbanisation evolves all the same.

In Weggis, the coffee machine building company Thermoplan came up with a solution which seems to please everyone (83% voted in favour). They will build their new factory but also add a sport green area in front of the factory to be used by the locals. The sport zone will already be available this September, much to the locals delight.

70% of voters in Uri have voted in favour of “curbing” the predator population i.e. lynx, bears and wolves. In other words, these animals cannot be reared and then set free in the region and should this happen they will be hunted. The main fear is that they will start preying upon domesticated animals such as sheep, goose, chickens etc…

You can find the rest of the results of yesterday’s referendums here.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Living in Luzern organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.