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|What’s On| March 8 – 10

Disney in concert – the Jungle Book @ 19.30 at KKL
There may be many successful productions under Disney’s animated cartoons, but only one has been unchallenged on the leaderboards for nearly 50 years as the most popular and most watched classic: The “Jungle Book”, inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s novel of the same name, enjoys cult status here. His lovingly drawn characters and popular songs are known to every adult and every child – they are still leading the lists of the most popular Disney songs.

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(1) Ski Taster Course @ 9.00 am at Titlis
Go skiing with professional ski instructor Andrea Caspani. This is a beginner course. Try skiing and learn that is more than a sport, it’s a combination between balance, nature connection and soul freedom. Max 6 participants.

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(2) Los Fastidios
Los Fatidios, an Italian band, will play in Emmenbrücke this Saturday. The doors will open at 20.00 o’clock and the concert will start at 21.00 o’clock.

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This Sunday there will be two professional sport games

(1) Volley Luzern vs. Volley Schönenwerd (volleyball)
Volley Luzern (currently ranked number 4) plays against Volley Schönenwerd (currently ranked number 2). This is the last round of qualifications, after this game the playoffs will start. Volley Luzern has beaten every team in the competition, except against Schönenwerd. Come and watch for yourself if they will be able to beat Schönenwerd this time. The game starts at 16.30 at bahnhofhalle. Tickets can be bought at the door.

(2) FC Luzern vs. St. Gallen (soccer)
FC Luzern (ranked number 6) plays against St. Gallen (ranked number 4) at 16.00 o’clock at the Swissporarena. Tickets can be bought in advance, click here.

Come and support your local sportsteam!

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