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|What’s On| March 22 – 24

Concert Eliane Müller @ Stadtkeller 
Eliane (born June 28, 1990 in Hochdorf LU) is a Swiss musician from Lucerne. In 2012 she won the second edition of the talent show The Biggest Swiss Talents. Now coming to the Stadtkeller for a concert! 

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International evening: All Things Dumplings
This year the city of Lucerne has decided to celebrate the day against racism on March 21st with a week of dumplings in association with over 30 restaurants including the LiLi Centre. We will be serving dumplings from all over the world in a symbol to show that food unites us all regardless of our nationality, skin colour or beliefs.

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In the Luzerner Theater there will be a dance called “Tanz 30: Orfeo ed Euridice”. The story of the simple libretto is quickly told: Orpheus mourns. Eurydice, swallowed by the Land of the Dead, is promised back by Cupid – under two conditions. First, to appease the Furies of the Underworld by singing alone. Second, he must not turn around at any moment when Eurydice re-enters the Realm of the Living. So far so good. He can sing. But Orpheus does not resist the complaints of his wife. The moment he turns to her in despair, Eurydice dies. For the second time. Orpheus is devastated.

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