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|What’s On| April 26 – 28

On Friday the Swiss Surf Film Festival (SSFF) starts, which runs until Sunday at Seebad. The SSFF is Switzerland’s first film festival that focuses on surfing. Besides carefully selected surf and outdoor documentaries from Switzerland and all over the world, there’s going to be an exhibition of a painter and a photographer. Also planned are concerts, discussions with the film directors and main protagonists, as well as restaurant and bar services. Come and be part of the very first edition of the festival!

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Another soccer game in the Swissporarena this Saturday at 19.00. Come and support your local sportsteam!

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On Sunday in the KKL there is a Symphony in pictures. Making the audible visible, this task appeals to the photographer and musician Tobias Melle. For years, he has traveled the world to capture the impressions of well-known symphonic works in pictures. While the recordings are projected onto an oversized large screen behind the orchestra at the same time as the music is played live, the audience experiences a sensual journey of great intensity, frame by frame by frame by frame.

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