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|What’s On| May 9 – 12

On Thursday, Globus is getting rid of their past season leftovers. Usually they sell very high end stuff, so if you still need something for a good price, make sure to pass by.

International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) at the KKL. Once a year, since 2011, the ICMA has been presented as part of a festive gala. The ICMA is similar to the Academy Awards: what were the best recordings in the past year? Awards are given in a variety of music categories: opera, symphonic, instrumental concertos, solo recitals, chamber music, ancient music, contemporary music, etc.

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At 16.00 o’clock FC Luzern is playing the Grasshoppers at the Swissporarena. Come and support your local sports team!

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Walk-In Closet at Neubad. Take your no longer used clothes and bring them to the Walk-in Closet clothes exchange in Neubad Lucerne. The cloth swap fair is a sustainable alternative to buying new clothing, with the slogan: Swap instead of buying. The action is not only good for the wallet, but also for the environment. You will receive information about the clothing production topic and how you can sustainably consume it at the event.

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