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Znüni News – Friday May 17

President Ueli Maurer went to Washington to meet with president Trump yesterday. The invitation from the white house was made in March and the speculation is that besides looking at a possible trade deal between the two countries. Switzerland may end up playing the go between in the ever escalating conflict between Iran and America. America is Switzerland‘s number two country to export to, whilst Switzerland ranks number 18 for American goods.

An initiative to ban inland flights in Switzerland was met with a categorical no by the government. Arguing that our public transport is so good there really is no needs for flights between the Swiss cities and that this could have a positive impact on the country‘s carbon footprint, the initiative seemed like an easy step to take. But the parliament didn‘t even take time to properly debate the subject before rejecting the initiative. An estimated 700 000 people fly in between cities in Switzerland every year.

It‘s Eurovision time! The show where we all get to practice our French (at least counting up to 12), after a disastrous few years where Switzerland didn‘t even make the final, last night‘s semi-final saw our national competitor Luca Hänni surprise everyone with quite a good song (She got me) which has secured him a place in the final. You can tune in tomorrow for the final. Allez la Suisse douze points!

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.