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Znuni News – Friday June 7

A terrible accident during revision work on the Titlis Express caused a man to lose his life and 6 other people to be seriously injured. Last Wednesday, workers were doing revision work and planning to shorten the cable by 2.8 metres when, for still unknown reasons, the cable snapped undone and hit the workers, one of which subsequently died. Most of the other workers are now out of hospital and back at work. The Titlis Express should be running by Saturday.

On the same day, a hiker was hit by an avalanche and loose rocks which fell in the Seelisberg region. The Swiss Alp Club is warning that there still is a very large amount of snow in the higher areas of mountains and people should use extreme caution when going hiking. A good tip is if you can hear water running below snow, then it is very likely going to be a snow slide.

It may feel like summer (on some days) but the lake waters are still very cold; temperatures currently range between 15° and 20° so be careful when you get into the water in order to give your body time to acclimatise. Whilst jumping in is lots of fun it is also very dangerous, last year 30 people drowned in lakes and rivers in Switzerland.The advice is to start by having a cold shower (if there is one available) and then slowly walk in.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.