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Why the June 14th Frauenstreik

On June 14th 1991, some 20 years after women first won the right to vote in Switzerland, women from around the country went on strike to ask for more rights. This was an amazing experience when in a country of 4 million, 500 000 women left their jobs, their homes, wore pink and went into the streets.

On June 14 of this year, some 28 years later, women are still living in a very unequal society and want to have a repeat success with this strike. In this #metoo age, women want to reach pay equality. Currently Switzerland is ranked 20th in the world with an unequal pay of around 18% for no justifiable reason.

In politics women only occupy 28,9% of jobs. In business only 36% of top jobs are taken up by women. In general 1 woman out of 7 will lose her job when returning from maternity leave and sexism is still rife in this traditional society.

For all of these reasons and many more, women will be on “strike”.

But actually this won’t be a strike as in most companies women will have to take a day off if they want to join in the movement.

There will be a Frauenstreik in Lucerne at the Theaterplatz with the following programme:

at 10.30
Meeting at the Theaterplatz Luzern
Wake up call with Noëmi Grütter – Bring an alarm clock with you!
(Frauenrechtsaktivistin Amnesty International)
then Martina Clavadetscher & Isa Wiss (Performance, Spoken Words)
at 11.30,
Open Mic for all! and again at 13.50 and 15.30

At these times women with immigrant backgrounds are encouraged to come and read out the women’s manifesto.
Go to the Infostand if you would like to talk.

>> at 12 o’clock there will be food from the Strike Kitchen
Kickboxing all together
Jon Hood  (Konzert)

Lisa Brunner (Performance, Slam Poet)
Official end of work time according to the unequal pay
Speech by UNIA
Lisa Brunner – Demo-Safety tips

Demo through the town – Start at Theaterplatz
Children and men are allowed to join in at the end.

Ca. 18.00
Ivorrie (concert)
Then onto the Neubad with the Cicciolina Versace Experience

More details here.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.