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Znüni News – Tuesday June 25

Expect temperatures to get even warmer today, as the heatwave currently in place over Europe is really kicking in. Temperatures in Lucerne are due to reach 33° at a minimum. This will last at least until next Monday. Remember to drink a lot of water (1.5 liters minimum) wear clothes made out of natural fabric, stay in the shade and only do sport mornings or evenings. Of course if you decide to go cool in the lake, take your time getting in. Younger children and older people should stay indoors during the hotter part of the day.

Unfortunately this heat wave is not going to help the tropenhaus which closed its doors last Sunday. This tropical haven was built to make best use of the naturally warm air emitted by a local gas line, unfortunately this has been reduced and does not produce enough warm air to keep the air sufficiently warm for the plants to continue to grow. Deemed to expensive to warm otherwise, it was decided to close the Tropenhaus once and for all last Sunday. It really is a shame for the region of Wolhusen who loses one of its main tourist attractions.

In the last decade the edges of the lake have silted meaning that the cruise ships are finding it harder to navigate. Because of this the region between inseli and alpenquai will be dug out, the water filtered and the silt removed, all of this at the cost of CHF 3.5 million francs, it is still disputed as to who is going to pay the bill.

Yesterday a car colliding with a truck on the A14 caused a traffic jam that lasted all day, it is unclear why it took so long for the vehicles to be removed. Luckily noone was seriously injured.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.