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Rock on the Mountain

Do you know that ‘Rock on the Mountain”, actually, the 2nd edition of the highest situated music festival, attracted more than 1100 enthusiastic music fans to Pilatus!! WOW, If you missed the 2nd time, be sure to be ready for the 3rd edition (we are sure it will happen). It is a must event in the local life of Luzern and an extraordinary event on the top of the mountain. 

Gotthard, ZiBBZ and Philipp Fankhauser rocked the stage at 2132 meters above sea level in perfect summer weather. Thank you, @Pilatus for managing even that!!! 

Let’s be honest, team Pilatus was a big part of the event. Their great organisation of all the equipment, the precise implementation, team spirit, support and smiles – guaranteed a smooth process and a breathtaking midsummer event. We are so happy to know you guys! Great Job! And we are so proud of the whole Pilatus team! 

Let’s dive in into the concert repertoire. Oh, our team member was delighted to be part of the media at the concert and see everything from the front row, being part of the work vibe and see behind the scenes.

 “I just found my new favorite performers! Guess how my Spotify looks after this night!” – #teampower! 

Philipp Fankhauser! Our teammate was thrilled by his performance as she is a fan of blues and Mr. Fankhauser is an absolute “gem” of the international blues scene! He opened the festival, and right from the get-go we knew the evening was going to be amazing. 

 ZiBBZ! Do you know their new song ‘You and me”?! Check it out! They were back on track after the baby break of frontwoman Co. As Pilatus says: “They thrilled with the most beautiful evening atmosphere and fantastic view with their energetic show and conjured up an electrifying atmosphere on the Pilatus”.

Gotthard! Actually already on our way up we met so many Gotthard Fans! They were so excited and made us as enthusiastic. To be part of Swiss music culture and get to know it better that was the first and major task for us. Gotthard came back on the mountain after 11 years and was the big headliner of the evening. With the big hits like “Heaven”, “One Life One Soul” and “Lift You Up” the Ticinese rocked the Pilatus under a wonderful clear starry sky.

p.s. do you know that there is the ‘OK’ for the third edition of the festival in August 2021 and to the second concert series “In Touch” with various club shows in 2020?! Grab your agenda and book tickets on time! 

Big thank you and till the next time Pilatus!

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