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Welcome to Living in Luzern


Living in Luzern was originally started by Jacquelyn Else-Jack in 2007. The main purpose was to help international residents answer many of their questions about living in Luzern. When Jacquelyn moved to Walchwil in 2009, the reins were handed over to Joy Foster who transformed the website into a live blog in May of 2011. In its infancy, the blog was geared solely at helping young families in Luzern, however, under the stewardship of Charlie Hartmann it is now aimed at all international residents in Luzern looking to connect to with each other and the local community.

In January 2013, Living in Luzern became a non-profit organization

Living in Luzern is made up of a voluntary board who has the final say on salaries, budget and overall direction. In November 2013, Charlie Hartmann became the Managing Director of Living in Luzern. Under her leadership Living in Luzern readership has grown and in June 2016 the LiLi Centre was opened. This community centre is now the physical home of Living in Luzern and other organisations and runs several outreach and integration projects, including the Job Integration For Foreigners (J.I.F.F.) which helps international residents with the work issues. Living in Luzern publishes also two informational magazines per year.

The Executive Board

  • President Michael Holden
  • Vice-President – Charlie Hartmann
  • Treasurer – Cristina Salvador
  • Secretary – Angela Laporte
  • Digital Strategist – Luke Bragg

The Living in Luzern Team manages the day to day activity

Core Team
  • Managing Director – Charlie Hartmann
  • Digital Strategist -Luke Bragg
  • Partnerships – Charlie Hartmann, Erik Sköldebring, Ramona Morel, Cecilia Wallstrom
  • Treasurer – Cristina Salvador
Blog Team
  • Chief Bloggers – Charlie Hartmann
  • Assisting Bloggers – Hollee Thornton, Lina Petruviciate, Audrika Von Benucci, Luke Bragg.
Publication Team
  • Graphic Design & Brand Concept – Rachel Lindenmann
  • Publication & Research Coordination – Rachael Hammond
  • Copy Editor & Translation – Melanie Andres