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The Job Integration For Foreigners programme was put in place to help expats who want to work to network, get advice, meet a mentor and/or attend workshops.

Although the programme is still in its infancy, we have helped many people by providing them with useful information and tips, connecting them to people who can advise or help them. We also run workshops about writing a CV for the Swiss Market and How to Set up a Small Business.

Big disclaimer: we are not an employment agency, and cannot find work for you but we can help you understand how things are done in Switzerland and give you advice on where to start.

If you are interested in finding out more contact our J.I.F.F. coordinator Denise Mattsson.

Our workshops have been perfected over the years and this last workshop was the most useful to date because we not only showed how to write a CV specifically for the Swiss market, but also understand the importance of personal branding and social media; as well as how recruiters use

Are you interested in becoming a mentor and donating two hours of your time per month? Would you like to benefit from the advice of someone who is fully integrated in the Swiss job market? We are looking for mentors and mentees who would be interested in taking part of

Nowadays applying for a job seems to be a job in itself. Gone are the days of writing one résumé and blanket sending it to all the local companies; these days each company expects a tailor made C.V. and each culture has its own dos and don’ts. In this 4 session

by Lina Petravičiūtė  Let’s be honest, we all have that doubt in our mind: are we sure that it was a good idea to leave everything and start something new from zero again. Starting from nothing in a new country, without knowing the language, or having the experience of the local

With the first anniversary since the opening of the LiLi Centre approaching it is great to see that it continues to evolve and embrace different needs. As of this week the centre is offering a Business Thursday programme. This season is so important at the LiLi Centre, we have waited (im)patiently sooo

For those of us who have to pay our own Swiss taxes you may know how daunting it can be having to fill those forms out. But there is good news, if you haven't had time to fill out your forms yet you can apply for an extension and that

Ladies, be ready - March 12th,Living in Luzern's home, LiLi Centre goes one step further with the launch of the new “Supersheroes" programme, which will include one year of different events, themes, workshops and projects. As you know last month, LiLi Centre had its first successful event “Wellness day”, now we

Have you decided to go back to work and are struggling to get a foot in the door, then these 3 events are for you! First this Thursday March 2nd at 17.30 the Hochschule will be hosting an event called Bridging the Gap focusing on a better integration of expats in

Kathy Patellis writes: Creating a business is possible at any age. In fact, it is a great way to reignite your passion in something and reconnect with yourself. My business and I are proof exciting new experiences await those who are brave enough to try. For me, my love of fashion started at

We have been hearing more and more stories of people being offered ludicrously low salaries so we wanted to help and give you some useful information. First the bad news: there is no minimum obligatory wage in Switzerland! But there are guidelines and in certain industries (such as the catering industry

On the 4th of February 2014 the people voted (by a very narrow marging) to put a stop to the free movement of people from the EU in Switzerland. The Government had until February 2017 to find a way of putting this into place. This, of course, turned out to

The ZEBI will take place from the 3. to 6. November from 9.00 to 17.00 and is free. This fair is aimed towards young adults looking to decide which careers they may be interested in. There are over 140 professions on show and over 600 further education programmes. Numerous companies

The World Economic Forum has released its Global Gender Pay Gap report for 2016 and Switzerland is very average with Iceland claiming number 1 spot (although their pay gap is still 14% between women and men). Switzerland may have scored 11 on the global wealth index but that's its highest score.

It came as a surprise to all of us here at Living in Luzern, that nearly no graduates from local international schools remain in Switzerland to study when this country not only offers excellent further education possibilities but it is virtually free! We've rounded up the most popular institutions available

HEFKS (HILFSWERK DER EVANGELISCHEN KIRCHEN SCHWEIZ) who are the aid organisation of the Protestant Churches of Switzerland is organising a campaign “Sie sind die Antwort” which will highlight the potential of well qualified migrants (non EU/EFTA citizens) living in Switzerland. HEFKS' work in Switzerland focuses on social integration, advocacy for asylum-seekers, and the

The Forum Luzern60plus, comprises of around 60 members who all belong to the 60-plus generation, is organising its fourth marketplace in the Kornschütte (City Hall) in Luzern. This year 30 participating organisations will present their portfolio of volunteering opportunities targeting the 60+plus generation. Our very own SIVO will be in attendance and

4th Women's Expo Switzerland  WHEN: This Sunday, 10th April 2016 WHERE: Halle 7, Messe Zürich  TIME: 11:00 - 18:00 Admission: You can get your FREE ticket here The 4th Women’s Expo Switzerland (WES) is back this week and being held at the Messe Zürich. This exhibition is one of a kind in that it is focused on promoting, connecting and showcasing women

Are you looking to set up a company in Switzerland but your just not sure where to start? Business Development Luzern and STARTUPS.CH have organised a "Founding a company in Switzerland" course on the 14th March in Luzern. During the course, experts from STARTUPS.CH will take you through the basics and address

Nowadays applying for a job seems to be a job in itself. Gone are the days of writing one résumé and blanket sending it to all the local companies; these days each company expects a tailor made C.V. and, of course, each culture has its own dos and don'ts. In



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