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Thursday A very popular sport in Switzerland is ice hockey. Have you been to any of the ice hockey games yet? There will be one this

This month lots of new events are happening. These special events include an introduction to pricing for small businesses, three CV workshops from JIFF, the international book club and a breathing

Friday  Friday we have an event at the LiLi Centre, where you will be giving an introduction to pricing for small businesses. For businesses knowing what and how

Last week the LiLi Centre had its annual general meeting, we share our thoughts on the matter. The Lili Centre is now well into its 3rd

It may have been a slow start at the LiLi Centre, but on top of all our regular events we have some very special events

The LiLi Centre will be closed until January 6th 2019. The whole LiLi Centre / Living in Luzern team wish you a very Happy Holiday Season and

Are you employed or an employer? Have you wondered whether your boss can really dictate when you take your holidays? Whether you have to disclose

This month is a special month at the LiLi centre, not only do we have copies of our brand new magazine for you to pick

Last week I was invited to attend a "town twinning network for tolerance and integration of migrants" conference in Potsdam. I was one of four

The LiLi Centre is your home away from home in Luzern. Situated right by the lake near the Ufschötti in the heart of Luzern, the LiLi Centre is a community centre for international residents and internationally minded locals here in central Switzerland.

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