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Friday Amboss Festival takes place this weekend (30.08 - 01.09) at the Eisenplatz in Luzern (Industriestrasse 11). The festival celebrates stage and street art with shows for both old and young! Details of the programme can be found here. On Friday evening there is a 'Schnippeldisco' at the Hotel Schweizerhof (Schweizerhofquai,

Now that the snow has melted, our surrounding mountains are showing their glamorous green hills and if you want to do something more extreme than hiking, then mountain biking might just be for you. Sometimes it takes more than just a bike and a path unlike city biking, mountain biking

With summer here and school holidays close to starting many of us will be spending lots of time around the lake on the various beaches. Safety in the water is something that most of us feel we are aware of but did you know that 10% of accidental drownings happen

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